Listen to the new album “Heal” by Sean Stynes

“After lending his talents to the Grand Rapids bands Gorgeous Oranges, Wala Gum and Bigfoot Buffalo, multi-instrumentalist Sean Stynes steps out with this mesmerizing, debut solo album, brimming with dreamy and psychedelic indie-rock. Weaving electronic effects and synthesizer passages throughout, Stynes creates an immersive, dream-pop milieu that gets heavier and edgier on tracks such as “Lines (Long Ago)” and “It’s All Around” without losing any textural beauty. Even more impressively, Stynes played all the instruments and recorded the tracks in his home studio.” – John Sinkevics

“Not Today Satan”

“Big Posie”

“The palette of sounds on Wala Gum’s (aka Sean Stynes) debut EP, “Big Posie,” is otherworldly. From the distant opening chords of “Shark Attack” to the fuzz-driven riffing that concludes the title track, the EP is completely immersive. Written and recorded entirely by Stynes, the indie-rock tunes on “Big Poise” are fueled by smooth guitars and ethereal synthesizers. But there’s just as much to marvel at in terms of songwriting. These five songs contain an album’s worth of feeling, with lyrics and arrangements that ground and make whole such ambitious soundscapes.” – Devin Anderson


The Gorgeous Oranges are a psychedelic rock band based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The band was started as a recording project by Sean Stynes and elevated by founding members Curtis Kuipers and Dan Julian. The band’s latest album Not Today Satan continues the band’s experimental approach to recording and production with a new batch of eclectic sounds and songs.

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